Best King of the Hill Event Infinity Kingdom Guide

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Welcome to the best King of the Hill event guide for Infinity Kingdom. The King of the Hill event is divided into 5 stages that takes over the course of 6 days where multiple players pit against each other for rewards. Getting rewards from this even is challenging to obtain fragments for immortals.

The King of the Hill event is a good spot to get fragments for powerful immortals such as:

Player with the most honor points will earn handsome rewards based on rankings.


The King of the Hill event is split in five stages:

  • Stage 1: Training Troops
  • Stage 2: Killing Gnomes
  • Stage 3: Resource Gathering
  • Stage 4: Construction
  • Stage 5: Kill Event

Stage 1: Training Troops

Troops Training King of the Hill Event Infinity Kingdom Guide

Before entering Stage 1, it is a good idea to leave some room for training troops. Do not dismiss your troops. Instead, attack gnomes or cities that will result in troop deaths. Doing so will gain you some resources and experience to level up your immortals. You also can do that to avoid reaching maximum troop limit.

Stage 2: Killing Gnomes

Killing Gnomes King of the Hill Event Infinity Kingdom Guide

Once you build enough troops to assemble an army, it is time to start killing gnomes. Kill as many gnomes as you can. The higher level gnomes’ armies are, the more points you will earn from killing them. But, do not deplete your reserves as you will need enough troops for Stage 5.

Stage 3: Resource Gathering

Resource Gathering King of the Hill Event Infinity Kingdom Guide

In the King of the Hill event, every 2 resources collected count as 1 point. Using resource items will not award you points. Although, gold from a Dwelling does count as a resource.

This stage has fewer pay-to-play strategies which plays into free-to-play players’ favor. The main strategy is to never run out of troops or keep them idle. Below are some tips you can take advantage to rake in more points quickly:

  • Resource Boosters: Apply to gain additional resources (must use before troops are dispatched)
  • Stockpile: Max out collection before the event and be sure to use resource boosters.
  • Gather before Event: Have your troops dispatched and returned shortly after the event starts.
  • Occupation Bonuses: Gather resources inside an occupied cities to make gathering go faster.
  • Recall troops: Before the event end, recall any troops that are still gathering to get these points!
  • Talents: Specialize in resource gathering talents to get additional edge.
    • Big Yields: +10% Resource Production
    • High Proficiency / Easy Peasy: +100% gathering speed for wheat/stone.
    • Trudge: +10% Troop Load
    • Divine Protection: Protects resources if gathering node is attacked.
    • Dexterity / Well Versed: +100% gathering speed for wood/iron.
    • Filled Warehouse: Increases maximum resource capacity.
    • Fully Loaded: +100% troop load.

Stage 4: Construction

Construction King of the Hill Event Infinity Kingdom Guide

In this stage, you get points by building and researching technology. Be sure to ask for help from your alliance frequently to speed up the construction. Save plenty of speedup items to rush through the progress to earn some quick points.

Stage 5: Kill Event

Kill Event King of the Hill Infinity Kingdom Guide

The Kill Event takes over two days. Points are earned through honor. That means you must attack other lords. The Rank Advancement talent is highly recommended since it doubles the amount of honor gain. Because this talent has limited uses per day, you need to use it whenever you are farming honor.

Tips on How to Rank High in King of the Hill Event

Some of you might be wondering if there is a need to spend money on this event. I will be the first one to tell you that you do not need to spend any money on it at all. It is possible to reach top 10 rankings with some preparations in advance.

Here’s some tips you can score easy points to stay ahead:

  • Do two big buildings (more the better).
  • Perform big researches (more the better).
  • Invest into your dragons.
  • Stack up gold before the event.
  • Save resource boosters as much as you can.
  • Never keep your troops idle.
  • Always kill gnomes for AP bottles.
  • Save speedup items
  • Ask alliance for helps with researching and constructing.


Best King of the Hill Event Infinity Kingdom Guide

That concludes our in-depth guide on the King of the Hill event for Infinity Kingdom.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions about the event, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Good luck, and happy ruling your kingdom!

Best King of the Hill Event Infinity Kingdom Guide
Best King of the Hill Event Infinity Kingdom Guide

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