Best Atalanta Immortal Guide: Skills, Equipment, and Pairings

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Introducing Atalanta, a cheerful wind immortal added to the game in the Patch 1.9 version. If you are looking for an in-depth guide that explains how to use Atalanta to incorporate without breaking your immortal team formation. Then look no further because you have come to the right guide.

Atalanta is a powerful wind immortal with very serious single-target damage. Being a wind immortal means, she gains bonus damage against Lightning immortals.

Wind immortals have several utilities that give them impressive mobility and high damage output. This makes Atalanta a powerful immortal to join among your ranks and a force to be reckoned with.

Stick around to find out how you can turn Atalanta into one of the best wind immortals on your team!

Atalanta Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Atalanta | Title: The Swift Hunter
Troop Type: Bowmen | Attribute: Wind| Position: Ranged
Rarity: Epic

Atalanta Pros & Cons

Here’s list of pros and cons of having this immortal on your team:


  • Very powerful epic immortal.
  • Superb single-target damage.
  • Easy to level up.
  • Beats lightning immortals and dragons with ease.
  • Easy to pair with other immortals.


  • Vulnerable to magical attacks.
  • No splash damage.

Atalanta Introduction

Atalanta Immortal Guide

Atalanta is a ranged physical attack that specializes in wind elements. She can command bowmen troops and features a powerful single-target skill that can pierce through the enemy front line. Her active skill is called Sniper’s Stance.

To obtain Atalanta, you must collect fragments during the King of Hill event. Then, after you summon her, you can get more fragments through Mysterious Pearls in the Mysterious Shop in the Daily Deals section.

Atalanta Skill

Learn more about the active skill and recommended passive skills.

Active Skill: Sniper’s Stance

Atalanta enters Sniper’s Stance for 10 seconds, which reduces attack speed by 25% and increases normal attack damage by 50%. Each normal attack has a 30% chance of piercing the target and deals additional damage to the enemy behind the target.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Chance of Piercing: 30%/40%/50%/60%/70%/80%/90%/100%

Sniper’s Stance Skill: It is a decent skill once the chance becomes 100%, and that’s when it is always guaranteed to deal additional damage to the enemy behind the target. This active skill can become a potent ability with the correct passive skills that increase normal damage. 

Recommended Passive Skills

Below is our recommended passive skills for Atalanta

  • Onslaught: Physical attack increased by 60%.
  • Duel Master: Physical attack increased by 50% and gain immunity to Wound.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Normal attack have a 50% chance to generate 150 energy.
  • Anger: Physical damage increased by 30%.

Best Immortal Pairings for Atalanta

Here are the recommended immortals to pair with Atalanta. Being a lightweight archer, it is ideal to have solid wind immortals with high defense to the front to protect Atalanta from being exposed to heavy damage. Additionally, you will want to have immortals that can further bolster her physical damage capabilities.

King Arthur

King Arthur Immortal

One of the best immortals to pair with is King Arthur. Like Atalanta, King Arthur is a wind-based immortal with incredible defensive capabilities. He can soften incoming attacks, especially with piercing and splash attacks. Not just only that he can reflect a portion of the attack towards the enemies, dealing additional damage.

Qin Emperor

Qin Emperor Immortal

If you are looking for a wind immortal that can enhance Atalanta’s offensive capability and perhaps gain cleave damage as a bonus. Qin Emperor is excellent support immortal that will increase all units’ attack speed and grant cleave damage to help offset single-target. This is especially useful if Atalanta’s skill build focuses heavily on the physical damage bonus, which will also increase cleave damage. Thus, turning her into a powerful splash damage dealer.

Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca Immortal

As mentioned, the single-target damage dealer role is one of Atalanta’s most significant weaknesses. This is where Hannibal Barca comes into play. His superior cleave damage capabilities and the ability to deal extra damage make him a fierce wind immortal to be on the same team. With Qin Emperor on the team, Atalanta stands to benefit from Hannibal Barca’s frontline offensive capability to clear off the enemy forces quickly and effectively.

Best Equipment for Atalanta

Here’s a list of best equipment to wear for this immortal:

Abuzzi's QuiverAbuzzi’s QuiverOffhand
Abuzzi's Eagle ArmorAbuzzi’s Eagle ArmorChest
Abuzzi's BarbuteAbuzzi’s BarbuteHead
Abuzzi's BowAbuzzi’s BowMain Hand

Conclusion of Best Atalanta Immortal Guide

Best Atalanta Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Having Atalanta on your team is truly a great addition. Her superior single-target damage capabilities can give you an edge on the battlefield regarding focusing fire.

To conclude this guide, you now know the best immortal team formation, active skills, passive skills, and equipment to make Atalanta strong. However, unlike other immortals, collecting fragments will take a while before you can summon her.

Did you find our Atalanta immortal guide for the Infinity Kingdom valuable and informative?

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions about this epic immortal by commenting in the comment section below. Also, check out our Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes guide for freebies and powerful rewards!

Good luck and happy ruling!

Best Atalanta Immortal Guide: Skills, Equipment, and Pairings
Best Atalanta Immortal Guide: Skills, Equipment, and Pairings

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