Top 10 Reasons Why Mobile Gaming is the Future

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Mobile gaming is one of the central pillars of the gaming industry, which shows the evolution of the gaming market and developing technology over the years.

Currently, there are more than 2.6 billion mobile gamers worldwide. and during the last year. It is estimated that these numbers will be larger this year with a massive 12% increase. 

Mobile gaming has become a multi-billion industry as it has generated a revenue of more than 180 billion US dollars. 

Most console and PC gamers do not consider mobile gaming as “real gaming” and call it less serious. They have their reasons to think so, as mobile gaming has some limitations like smaller screen, poor graphics and touch issues as compared to PC gaming.

But things are going to change. Now, the mobile gaming industry is progressing by leaps and bounds. According to many gaming industry experts, there are a lot of solid reasons to prove that mobile gaming is the future.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Mobile Gaming is the Future

Mobile Gaming is the Future

If you are a mobile gamer and want to know the future of this industry, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will inform you about 10 reasons why mobile gaming is the future. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

Mobile as a Multi-Purpose Device

The reason why mobile gaming is the future is that mobiles are more capable of doing different tasks as compared to PCs. Almost every household on the whole planet owns a smartphone.  It is such a luxury which can be afforded by every person in the world.

So, adults will play some casual games on their smartphones but teenagers and children, who do not have their PC, will play games like PUBG on their mobiles.

It means when it comes to the number of the user base, mobile gaming developers are always a step forward over PC gaming developers.

Easy to Use and Play

One of the biggest edges of mobile gaming over console and PC gaming is that you can play a mobile game whenever you want and wherever you are.

In addition to that, mobile games are created to be simple. They do not require a high level of expertise to be played.

Similarly, a lot of mobile games are created for a brief time of gameplay. These games are ideal for those gamers who do not have a lot of time to allocate to mobile gaming. You can easily play your game while riding the bus or waiting in a bank line.

Graphics are Getting Better

Smartphones were introduced into the market almost one and half a decade ago. Mobile games were being played on them since then. 

The quality of graphics provided by those mobile games was very limited and low as compared to console games.  

Due to these artistic and aesthetic differences, serious gamers always chose console gaming over mobile gaming.

But now these differences are getting smaller and smaller. Games with better visual effects and graphics are available to play for smartphones.

There are also many multi-platform games that can be played on mobiles and PCs. All these changes are a sign of a bright future for mobile gaming.

Involvement of Major Telecom Corporations

As we have mentioned, during the last decade console gaming was the only recommended choice in the gaming industry. 

Mobile gaming was treated like an unwanted stepchild during these years. So, all the major companies were investing in console gaming rather than mobile gaming.

But now these days are over. After judging the potential of mobile gaming, a significant number of notable telecom corporations are now going to invest in the mobile gaming industry.

 In recent years companies like Ubisoft, Konami and Bethesda have entered the mobile gaming market. 

They are creating epic games like League of Legends and PUBG for mobile gamers. These games are the reasons why mobile gaming is the future.

Smartphones are Getting More Powerful

Smartphones Mobile Gaming

With the launching of their newer versions, smartphones are getting more and more powerful, as they are carrying a faster processor.

It is a fact that the latest iPhone and its parallel android phones are even more powerful than the advanced PlayStation 4.

This continuous evolution in the smartphone industry is helping mobile gaming experts and developers to create games with better visual effects and more fluid controls. 

It only takes a couple of years when the graphics of mobile games will be more advanced than that of console games, making the mobile gaming only option in the future of gaming industry.

Engagement Power of Smartphones

According to some psychological research, an average human being spends more than five hours per day looking at the screen of his smartphone. 

Since it is estimated that this screen time will rise in the future, many smartphone users who are not playing mobile games in the present, will start to play it in the future.

The majority of our youth are present on social media platforms which have the power to viral any unknown game within days. In this way, social media is also a valid reason for the great future of mobile gaming.

Low Production Cost for Mobile Gaming

According to some trustful sources, the cost to develop an average console or PC game is around 1 million US dollars. 

One the other hand, a mobile game with similar visual effects and graphics can be created in less than $500k making it way cheaper than console games. 

The lower price of mobile gaming means that many independent mobile gaming developers can create mobile games on their own, without relying on big corporations. 

Additionally, the time taken to develop a mobile game is 3 hours as compared to 20 hours of console game. So, a developer can create more titles in less time, causing why mobile gaming is the future.

Advanced Monetization Method

As we know that the production cost of mobile gaming is very low as compared to PC gaming. Investors can make a great deal of money even if a slight number of mobile gamers buy things in-game.

Since freemium models of mobile games are in demand, we can hope to see enough free-to-play games in the future.

To increase the profit of mobile gaming developers and corporations, ad revenue is playing its part sufficiently. Then, there is also the subscription fee for premium products, whose popularity will surely be increased in the future

5G will be the Game-changer

Many telecom companies are nonstop working on bringing 5G to the world. The evolution of the technology sector from 4G to 5G will be the main contributor to making a bright future for mobile gaming.

Estimates are that 5G could be 10 times faster than 4G. This will enhance the mobile internet speed dramatically overnight and also cause less congestion or blockage. 

It means it will be easy to download a game on mobile swiftly and online games that require an internet connection will start quickly. 

So, 5G will be the main reason why mobile gaming is the future.

Cloud Gaming as the Future

In recent years many telecom companies like Microsoft and Google have created their cloud gaming services and others like Amazon and NVIDIA are likely to follow them.

These telecom companies allow mobile gamers to play console games on their mobiles. For that, they only need an internet connection.

Diehard mobile gamers wanted this commodity for years, and now they can play their favorite PC games on their smartphones easily. This cloud gaming service will be one of the main reasons why mobile gaming is the future.

Mobile Gaming FAQs

Best Mobile Gaming for PCs and Macs

Many new gamers have asked plenty of questions about the future of mobile gaming. For your ease, we tried to answer frequently asked questions about mobile gaming.

We hope that these answers will clear all your doubts related to the future of mobile gaming.

Is there any Future to Mobile Gaming?

The current time is like the evolution period for mobile gaming. It is more advanced than ever. There is a significant progress in mobile gaming in the previous decade.

Although there were many presumptions that mobile gaming will face a downfall in the future, it is not going to happen.

With the release of advanced smartphones, 5G technology and cloud gaming services, the future certainly belongs to mobile gaming.

Is Mobile Gaming Profitable?

For decades the gaming market was dominated by console games played on computers. But then tech companies like Apple and Samsung entered in the market and now there are more than six billion smartphones over the globe. 

Mobile gaming industry generated a revenue of more than 180 billion US dollars last year making it the most profitable industry in the gaming market. 

Is Mobile Gaming Better than PC?

Smartphones are getting better and better every year. Today the latest iPhone model is even more advanced and powerful than PlayStation 4.

This advancement in mobiles is a sign of better visual effects, graphics and more fluid controls for mobile gaming, which makes mobile gaming even better than the PC one.

Why is Mobile Gaming Popular?

It is very easy to download and install a mobile game on your smartphone via Google Play Store. Similarly. you can play your favorite game whenever and wherever you want.

An average person spends almost five hours a day on his smartphone, so there are plenty of chances that he will start to play a mobile game. That’s why mobile gaming is getting so much popularity.

Which Android Emulators are Best for Mobile Gaming?

Although there are plenty of android emulators in the market that allow you to run a virtually android device on your PC. 

But if you want to start mobile gaming on your PC then your first choice should be BlueStacks or LDPlayer. 

Both these android emulators are free of cost and grant you the best experience of mobile gaming on your desktop. 

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