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Infinity Kingdom Dragon Guides

Ignatius Fire Dragon Glyndwr Water Dragon Demeter Earth Dragon Zephyr Wind Dragon Taranis Lightning Dragon Lucasta Holy Dragon Melanthios Shadow Dragon

Infinity Kingdom Immortal Guides

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About Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom is a real-time strategy castle builder mobile game with a twist of cartoonish style. In this game, the Lords will be developing their own castle, assembling armies to mobilize and fight against the evil army of Gnomes. Battle for the World Heart and claim it to become the king of the World.

With a massive open-field world map, you will face several rivals on the way to the victory. Prepare yourself with troops and immortals and don’t hesitate to face them. Stake territory and reign what is rightfully yours.

You will be able to use various historical figures (Immortals) to lead different troop types like shieldmen, spearmen, cavalry and bowmen. There are more than 80+ Immortals to choose from in Infinity Kingdom. Combine and assemble the most formidable force on the battlefield.

Check out the Infinity Kingdom trailer to take a quick look at the gameplay and features it have to offer:

Gameplay Contents

All Immortals in Infinity Kingdom are divided into the following categories: troop type, element and position. These attributes turns the game into a strategic-based where you must form the right army formation and utilize troop type to counter your enemies in various situations.

Furthermore, you can train and grow your own dragons in Infinity Kingdom. Each army immortal will be supported by different dragon and they come with their own element type as well as powerful active skill. Hatch a dragon egg and start raising them into a powerful, fearsome dragon to serve as an ultimate source of power for your Kingdom!

Dragon Cave Infinity Kingdom

Evolve your dragons from adorable baby into an adult dragon that can set the battlefield aflame or unleash demonic rift that pulls everything apart. As you level up dragons, they grow in power and acquire new skills, forming a closer bond to you and the Immortals.

Explore the world map and discover the hidden history of Norheim. There are ton of rewards and treasure chest scattered across the map that are waiting to be discovered. Learn the history and understand what Infinity Kingdom is really all about that will make you love the game even more!

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