Best Commander Tier List ROK Guide for Beginners

At last, we are thrilled to share our Best Commander Tier List for Rise of Kingdoms (ROK)! This is proudly brought to you by David Howard, a Veteran ROK player.

In this guide, the commanders are divided in categories with detailed explanation so you will be able to get interesting information and an overview of whicch commanders you should focus during the game meta.

That being said, we are happy to showcase the best commander tier list for Rise of Kingdoms!


  • The purpose of this best tier list is to help you decide which commanders to invest in.
  • It only reflects my opinion of each commander’s combat effectiveness in various scenarios.
  • The rating for each commanders isn’t that important compared to rating for specific scenarios.
  • When choosing a commander, you should pick based on scenarios that you want to excel in.
  • There’s several factors that makes a commander great: speed, direct attack, splash attack and troop capacity.
  • Talent builds is one of the most important thing that I took into consideration when ranking the commanders.

Legendary Commanders Tier List

Tier S

CommanderAttribute AAttribute BAttribute C
Ramesses IIOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
AttilaOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
Guan YuOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally

City Defense ROK City Defense

Open Field ROKOpen FieldFort Flag Defense Flag / Fort Defense
Yi-Seong-GyeCity Defense ROK City DefenseOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
Genghis KhanOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
Alexander The GreatOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
Edward of WoodstockOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally

Tier A

CommanderAttribute AAttribute BAttribute C
SaladinOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
TomyrisOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
TakedaOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
LeonidasOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
Charles MartelCity Defense ROK City DefenseFort Flag Defense Flag / Fort DefenseOpen Field ROKOpen Field
Mehmed II RallyOpen Field ROKOpen Field

Tier B

CommanderAttribute AAttribute BAttribute C
Artemisia ICity Defense ROK City DefenseOpen Field ROKOpen FieldFort Flag Defense Flag / Fort Defense
Cao CaoBarbarians ROK Barbarians / FortOpen Field ROKOpen Field
Constantine ICity Defense ROK City DefenseFort Flag Defense Flag / Fort Defense
Hannibal BarcaOpen Field ROKOpen FieldRally ROKRally
FrederickRally ROKRallyOpen Field ROKOpen Field
Wu ZetianCity Defense ROK City DefenseFort Flag Defense Flag / Fort Defense
AethelflaedBarbarians ROK Barbarians / FortOpen Field ROKOpen Field

Tier C

CommanderAttribute AAttribute BAttribute C
El CidOpen Field ROKOpen Field
Julius CaesarRally ROKRallyOpen Field ROKOpen Field
MinamotoOpen Field ROKOpen FieldBarbarians ROK Barbarians / Fort
CharlemagneRally ROKRally

Tier D

CommanderAttribute AAttribute BAttribute C
SeondeokGathering ROK Gathering
Cleopatra VIIGathering ROK Gathering
IshidaGathering ROK Gathering

Epic Commanders Tier List

Epic Commanders Tier List Rise of Kingdoms

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