Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

There are 11 civilizations to choose from in Rise of Kingdoms and the civilization that you pick will have significant impact on your gaming experience. Which is why we created an in-depth and comprehensive guide to to help you choose the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms.

In our ultimate guide for beginners on how to choose the best civilizations, we will be exploring all the available civilizations in the game. This means we will be checking out each civilization bonuses and features that they have to offer.

In our opinion, the bonuses that each civilization gives are way, way more important than your starting commanders. Mainly because the commanders will be unlocked as you progress later on. But the bonus stays with you for rest of the game — unless you decide to perform a civilization change which will cost you a jawdropping 10,000 gems!

Even if you don’t have a good starting commander in the game with the civilization you pick. Don’t worry because you will unlock more commanders as you go on Expeditions and opening Sliver Chests / Gold Chests. In fact, all commanders are unlockable regardless of civilization you pick.

Without further ado, let’s find out how to choose the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms!

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Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms

Below is list of playable civilizations for all players to choose from in Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms Rome
Rise of Kingdoms Arabia
Rise of Kingdoms Germany
Rise of Kingdoms Byzantium
Rise of Kingdoms China
Rise of Kingdoms Ottoman
Rise of Kingdoms France
Rise of Kingdoms Britain
Rise of Kingdoms Spain
Rise of Kingdoms Korea
Rise of Kingdoms Japan


ROK Rome Civilization

Rome is all about speed. This civilization’s starting commander is Scipio Africanus who possesses strong combat effectiveness. The unique unit is an infantry, which is called Legionary that becomes available at Dark Age.

That being said, the increased defense value provided by Rome as your selected civilization is an invaluable trait to have throughout the entire game. In addition to that, fast troop march and food gathering rate makes Rome one of the easiest civilization to play for beginners.

Rome Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Scipio Africanus
  • Troop March Speed increases by 5%
  • Food Gathering Speed increases by 10%
  • Infantry Defense increases by 5%
  • Unique Unit: Legion


ROK Germany Civilization

Germany is one of the best civilizations that possesses strong attack capabilities, faster troop training and recover action points quickly. These traits makes Germany an extremely versatile civilization for chain-farming barbarians and leveling up your commanders early on in the game.

The starting commander for Germany is Hermann and he is the perfect choice to defend your city with horsemen. Unique unit for this civilization is Teutonic Knight who have higher attack and defense value compared to original knights.

Germany Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Hermann
  • Cavalry Attack increases by 5%
  • Troop Training Speed increases by 5%
  • Action Point Recovery Speed increases by 10%
  • Unique Unit: Tectonic Knight

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Best Britain Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

Britain comes with Boudica as the starting commander and the unique unit is the Longbowman. The traits of Britain is somewhat unimpressive compared to other civilizations. Since they are only good for defending your garrison during the defensive wars.

This civilization increases your commander’s troop capacity by 20% in an ally garrison and bolsters your archer’s attack by 5%. Furthermore, you train your troops 5% faster which plays an important role for powering through your opponents quickly in defensive wars. If you plan to play a defensive strategy, Britain is a good choice for supporting your allies.

Britain Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Boudica
  • Archer attack increased by 5%
  • Training speed increased by 5%
  • Ally garrison capacity increased by 20%
  • Unique Unit: Longbowman


Best France Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

France is one of the best civilizations with strong gathering perks since the starting commander is Joan of Arc. This commander specializes in gathering and makes it a lot easier to reap in resources from around the map to your garrison. Which makes it possible for you to advance quickly with France as your civilization as a mini farming account.

The unique unit for France is the Throwing Axeman. When playing France as your selected civilization, your troops health is increased by 3%. Furthermore, your hospitals heals injured troops 20% faster which will definitely help you get back on the foot quickly. Not to forget to mention that 10% wood gathering rate is a nice perk when it comes to training the Throwing Axeman.

France Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Joan of Arc
  • Troop health increased by 3%
  • Wood gathering speed increased by 10%
  • Hospital healing speed increased by 20%
  • Unique Unit: Throwing Axeman

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Best Spain Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

Spain is a heavy cavalry-focused civilization with the Conquistador as its unique unit. This civilization’s starting commander is Pelagius who specializes in cavalry warfare. These perks makes Spain a solid choice for players who wants to focus on building cavalry forces.

As a Spain civilization, you get 5% bonus to cavalry defense. Furthermore, your garrison resource production buildings like gold mines, quarries and farms produce 20% more resource. Your commanders and troops also earn 10% bonus experience. In conclusion, Spain is a good civilization to power up quickly and become a self-sufficient civilization.

Spain Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Pelaguis
  • Cavalry Defense increases by 5%
  • Experience gained from barbarians and neutral units increased by 10%
  • Resource production increased by 20%
  • Unique Unit: Conquistador


Best China Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

China is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms. A lot of players start off as China and the starting commander is Sun Tzu. His traits makes it very easy to counter enemies thanks to his powerful active skill. In addition to that, the unique unit for China is called Chu-Ko-Nu which replaces the archer in Dark Age.

China boasts an impressive traits that increases troop defense by 3% and improves action point recovery rate by 5%. In addition to that, you build faster as China which goes well with accelerating technological advancements to gain edge over your opponents.

China Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Sun Tzu
  • Troop defense increased by 3%
  • Action point recovery rate increased by 5%
  • Building speed increased by 5%
  • Unique Unit: Chu-Ko-Nu

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Best Japan Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

Japan is another popular civilization for beginners due to its traits that increases troops’ overall combat effectiveness. If you select Japan as your starting civilization, you will get Kusunoki Masashige as your commander. Plus, you will be able to train the legendary infantry troop called Samurai.

The improved troop attack and resource gathering rate makes it incredible easy enough to gain field control on the map. Furthermore, the improved scout march speed will help you gain intelligence of the entire kingdom very early in the game. Which do play an important role in scouting out potential enemies and locating hotspots to relocate your garrison if needed to.

Japan Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Kusunoki Masashige
  • Troops attack increased by 3%
  • Scout march speed increased by 30%
  • Resource gathering speed increased by 5%
  • Unique Unit: Samurai


Best Korea Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

If you are looking for another strong defensive civilization to play with instead of Britain. Korea is a good civilization to pick and its starting commander is Eulji Mundeok who specializes in garrison and support skills. Korea’s starting unit is Hwarang which is a nimble, yet powerful archer that becomes available in Dark Age.

This civilization isn’t exactly that popular as other civilizations because it is largely focused on defensive capabilities. However, its traits makes Korea an ideal choice for supporting your team mates in alliance wars. The improved hospital capacity helps stave off your large army so that they don’t have to die. Which means you save more resources, troops and time.

Korea Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Eulji Mundeok
  • Archer Defense increases by 5%
  • Hospital Capacity increases by 15%
  • Research Speed increases by 3%
  • Unique Unit: Hwarang

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Best Arabia Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

Arabia is a strong civilization that focuses on speed and using cavalry as your main army. This civilization comes with Baibars as your starting commander who excels at cavalry and rushing through the map with fast march speed. Mamluk is the unique unit for Arabia and it is a very good cavalry in Dark Age.

When you are playing as Arabia, your cavalry gets 5% attack bonus and all of your troops deals 10% more damage to neutral units. Additionally, when you rally your armies, they deal 5% more damage. To sum it up, Arabia is a great civilization with strong offensive capabilities.

Arabia Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Baibars
  • Cavalry attack increased by 5%
  • Damage to barbarians & neutral units increased by 10%
  • Rallied armies damage increased by 5%
  • Unique Unit: Mamluk


ROK Ottoman Civilization

Ottoman comes with Osman I as the starting commander. The traits for this civilization is good, although it means your commanders will need to max their active skills to make the most use out of it. The downside of this civilization is that the skill damage only affects commanders who have damaging active skills.

Which means if you have commanders like Charles Martel who happens to have defensive active skill, he won’t be able to get the 5% bonus from Ottoman as your civilization. Aside from this, your archers get 5% more health and your troops march 5% faster. Instead of archers, you get Janissary which is a powerful ranged unit in Dark Age. Overall, Ottoman is an alright civilization to play with.

Ottoman Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Osman I
  • Archer Health increases by 5%
  • Troop March Speed increases by 5%
  • Active Skill Damage increases by 5%
  • Unique Unit: Janissary

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ROK Byzantium Civilization

Byzantium is somewhat different from other civilization as it focuses on cavalry and comes with a large hospital capacity size. Which makes this civilization the perfect choice for players who wants to war often as they like. The improved hospital capacity means you can support more injured troops instead of letting them die off.

The starting commander for Byzantium is Belisarius who specializes in cavalry and support skills. The special unit is Cataphract that becomes available for training in Dark Age and comes with high defense value as well as attack value. Your troops also gather stone 10% faster and it is a resource type used commonly to train cavalry.

Byzantium Civilization Stats:

  • Starting Commander: Belisarius
  • Cavalry Health increases by 5%
  • Stone Gathering Speed increases by 10%
  • Hospital Capacity increases by 15%
  • Unique Unit: Cataphract

Which is The Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms?

Best Civilizations Guide for Beginners

One of the nice thing about these civilizations is that they don’t have huge bonuses that overpowers each other. Which makes it easy to pick a civilization based on your preferred playstyle and strategy without putting yourself at a large disadvantage

Although, if you were to ask me which is the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. In my opinion these civilizations stands out the most are: Germany, Arabia and Japan. Why did I think they are the best civilizations for starters and experienced players?

First of all, Germany have traits that improves the troop training speed and have improved action point recovery. Which means you can farm barbarian and neutral units as often as you want to rank up experience for your commanders.

Secondly, Arabia is a very strong offensive civilization that relies heavily on cavalry. The starting commander also comes with skills that increases his troops march speed and decrease enemy march speed by 20%. Which only screams massacre  when you are playing Arabia as your starting civilization.

Finally, Japan is a good civilization both in early and late game. The 30% scout march speed plays a critical role in lifting off the fog so that you can find the best spots for your alliance. Furthermore, you gather intelligence about your enemies quickly so to prepare for wars. The improved troop training capacity makes it easy to churn out a lot troops in short time.

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How to Change Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Civilization Change Rise of Kingdoms ROK

You can change your current civilization to a different one. However, it isn’t cheap at all. You will get one free civilization change in the beginning of game as you complete your quests. But for future civilization changes, you will need to shell out 10,000 gems.

So, before you have any second thoughts — make sure you pick the right civilization from the beginning and stick with it.

What are your thoughts on this? What is the best civilizations to pick in Rise of Kingdoms?

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