BlueStacks Review: Best Android Emulator for Mobile Gaming on PC and Mac

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If you are a mobile gamer and tired of playing games on a small screen, then you want to read our in-depth BlueStacks Review. Mobile Gaming on a small screen of mobile has many limitations. If you are one of those who have a desire to start mobile gaming on a computer. You can download BlueStacks, which is the best Android Emulator, on your PC or Mac.

There are a bunch of emulators in the market such as LDPlayer and NoxPlayer. In this article, we will give an honest BlueStacks review based on our experience.

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is the best android emulator that runs on a window. It generates a duplicate version of the android device on your computer. 

This virtually generated android device is not precisely an android device. Nevertheless, it looks like a mobile screen, and even a beginner doesn’t feel any problem using it.  

BlueStacks is all free to install and use. Although you can run Android apps (almost 97%) on your Android Emulator if you have installed BlueStacks. A large number of BlueStacks users are the ones who are using it for mobile gaming on their PC.

BlueStacks also allows you to install any app from Google Play Store on your PC just by using your Google account.

User Interface of BlueStacks

BlueStacks App Player User Interface

The user interface of BlueStacks is very “user-friendly,” as it allows the users to interact subconsciously and naturally. In this BlueStacks Review, we will talk about its user interface which features a robust, easy to navigate experience that is free of clutter.

BlueStacks Inc. has released the latest BlueStacks 5 version of this emulator. This version can also be used in low-spec PC by decreasing the frame and refresh rate in the BlueStacks setting. 

The User interface of BlueStacks resembles a web browser. As you switch among different tabs in a web browser, just like that, you can also switch between other apps by using BlueStacks.

Even if multiple applications are being opened, it runs every app smoothly. If the inbuilt app launcher doesn’t look nice, you can change its wallpaper from the setting to make it look appealing.

BlueStacks has a store where the quality of a specific app or game can be optimized to perform its function much smoother. For example, the game “Vain Glory” has been optimized using BlueStacks’ store. This makes BlueStacks 5 the best emulator for mobile gaming on PC.

Best Features of BlueStacks

Best BlueStacks Features Android Emulator

BlueStacks has up-to-mark features to enhance your mobile gaming experience on PC. In this BlueStacks Review, these features are head & shoulder above any other emulator, making BlueStacks the best android emulator for mobile gaming.

  • The home screen of BlueStacks has an icon for Google Play Store, from where you can download any android app on your PC.
  • In addition to a virtual android device settings icon, a separate setting icon is used to adjust BlueStacks’ settings.
  • As many android games have default controls, you can modify these controls within BlueStacks by using your PC’s keyboard and mouse.
  • You can open the same game in multiple windows simultaneously by using BlueStacks. It helps you to play the same game with several accounts at once. You can also play numerous games at the same time.
  • Another fantastic feature of BlueStacks is the macro editor that automates different tasks with keyboard shortcuts.
  • BlueStacks has a live chat feature, and you can chat with your friends if they are also using BlueStacks. For this, you have to connect your Goole Account with BlueStacks’ chat feature.
  • BlueStacks also includes a toolbar with quick buttons as copy-paste to instantly transfer text among different apps.

Performance of BlueStacks

Best BlueStacks Performance Android Emulator

The overall performance of BlueStacks is extraordinary as it can be used to run up to 97% of android apps on your PC. That is why most android users trust BlueStacks for mobile gaming on their computers.

In this BlueStacks Review, we found that BlueStacks 5 works pretty smoothly. Though it occasionally lags, the overall experience was very positive.

But there are also some complaints regarding the performance of BlueStacks. In some cases, BlueStacks lags or runs slow, while in some, it can reduce the performance of your PC.

Most of these irregularities occur if you are using an outdated version of BlueStacks or when you are not allocating enough space to your PC’s memory or RAM.

So, all these problems can be resolved using the latest version of this emulator, like BlueStacks 5, or by allocating enough space.

Pros of using BlueStacks

Using BlueStacks has the following advantages;

Easy Setup

BlueStacks is very easy to download, install and use compared to any other android emulator available in the mobile gaming market. 

After downloading and installing, you just have to log in to your Google Account, and then you can browse and install your favorite game to play on your PC or Mac.

Unlimited Mobile Gaming Options

The online Store of BlueStacks is enormous as you have an option to play a game of your choice from 50,000 possibilities.

Best Emulator for Mobile Gaming

BlueStacks is the best android emulator for mobile gaming because you can play almost any mobile game very smoothly by using it. Furthermore, you can play as many games as you want simultaneously.


Like mobile games, other android social apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter can also run on your computer if you use BlueStacks. You also can contact your friends by using BlueStacks’ chat feature.

Can be Used on IOS

All the iOS products are very hard to break through, but this emulator made it. So, you can also access the android system on your Mac laptop and computer while using BlueStacks.

Cons of Using BlueStacks

Demanding a lot of space:

Although, there are no specific cons of BlueStacks as it is considered the best android emulator if your computer has RAM of more than 4GB. 

But if your PC functions on lesser than 4 GB, BlueStacks can slow down the normal working of the PC. And if your PC has a RAM of even less than 2 GB, your system may hang entirely after the installation of BlueStacks.

Security Issues

According to BlueStacks Inc., they deal with their users’ data very carefully. Still, in 2019, security researcher Nick Cano discovered that the BlueStacks emulator has a significant security flaw that may let hackers steal its users’ data.


Bluestacks Review Best Android Emulator for Mobile Gaming

BlueStacks is a significant step forward over any other emulator in the market regarding the best android emulator for mobile gaming.

If you are a gamer and love to continue mobile gaming on a larger screen with a robust system, then BlueStacks is for you.

Although BlueStacks also has system problems sometimes, we think it is a fantastic product because it is also free.

If the features mentioned above are not enough to impress you that BlueStacks is the best android emulator for mobile gaming. Then perhaps you are looking for something that is not available yet in the market. 

But suppose you have been convinced by this BlueStacks Review that BlueStacks is the right emulator for your computer. In that case, you can install it for free and enjoy playing your favorite mobile game on your PC or Mac.

FAQs Related to BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a popular android emulator, and many gamers are using it. However, people also asked questions about BlueStacks Inc.’s safety and trustworthiness. 

We have gathered most of the frequently asked questions related to BlueStacks to provide sufficient answers and solutions to those questions for your ease.

Is BlueStacks Free or Paid?

Most of the BlueStacks’ basic features are free to use. This includes BlueStacks’ live chat feature and direct access to Google Play Store on your PC. 

However, to use advanced options, you have to sign up, and for that, you are required to pay a premium subscription fee every month

Is BlueStacks a virus?

No, BlueStacks is not a virus; it is proper software. But downloading it from an unofficial site may contain a virus or malware that can harm your computer. 

To avoid that issue, you have to download it from the official website of BlueStacks Inc. 

Is BlueStacks Safe?

Almost yes, BlueStacks as an android emulator is secure to download, install and use. You can even ignore the antivirus system of your computer if it tries to block BlueStacks’ installation.

But if you download android apps from websites other than Google Play Store, there is no guarantee of BlueStacks is safe and secure.

Is BlueStacks Trustworthy?

BlueStacks is a legitimate company; over the years, its software has been used by many gamers and other PC users. 

BlueStacks is supported by big players in the technology industry, like Intel, Google, and Samsung. So as long as you have downloaded it from the official website and then only installed apps from Google Play Store, BlueStacks is trustworthy.

Which BlueStacks Should I Download?

All the different versions of BlueStacks give their users great ease. 

But if you desire to have a boundless experience, its latest version BlueStacks 5 is without doubt the way to go. It is also possible to use BlueStacks 5 on low-end computers to run it marvelously.

How do BlueStacks Make Money?

BlueStacks makes money by advocating and promoting other applications, games, and video advertising. BlueStacks also gather money by selling its premium version on a monthly subscription.  

According to official sources, BlueStacks Inc. was founded in 2008, and from that time, it has managed to make $ 50 million, along with over one billion downloads.

What are the benefits of Using BlueStacks on a Desktop?

If you want to start mobile gaming on your desktop, then BlueStacks is the best option for you. 

If you are using BlueStacks on your desktop, you can run almost any android app on your desktop. You just have to install that app from Google Play Store via BlueStacks.

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