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Hello, welcome to House of Kingdoms! My name is David Howard and I created this website out of a burning passion for the game. As a college student, I am avid of real-time strategy games that involves forging alliances with players and conquering the map through means of power as well as using strategy assets.

My Rise of Kingdoms Account

I started playing Rise of Kingdoms back in 2018. When I first started playing this game, I was like “here’s we go, another pay-to-win game”. But as I played the game more and more, it turns out I was wrong. In fact, it is one of the most friendly free-to-play for players who don’t want to spend any money.

At the beginning of the game, there’s nothing but expedition. My first alliance was called Vikings. However, I have moved to White Tigers in #K1039 as of recently. They are among one of the strongest alliances in the Rise of Kingdoms.

Over the time I became better and attuned at the game. But I didn’t have any money to spend on the game so I started my F2P journey. Up to now, I have spent around 75 U.S dollars on the game.

Even though it isn’t that much money, I technically can’t call myself a Free-to-Play player anymore. But do keep it in your mind that I got Tier 5 troops all the way as a F2P player.

It’s easy to get Tier 5 troops in Rise of Kingdoms once you know the best path to attain them, trust me.

History of My Gaming Experience

First of all, I can proudly declare myself a hardcore gamer. One of the first strategy games that I played was the Age of Empires. It remains one of my favorite games to this day. Then in 2012 I started playing World of Warcraft during Wrath of the Lich King.

I was working at a part-time job for a while until I got a reality check that kept me busy for most of college. So I had to spend less time playing on PC. However, my interest in gaming renewed as I started exploring mobile gaming.

I tried at least several strategy games until I found Rise of Kingdoms. At that time, it was a brand new game and had roughly 250K+ downloads. I decided to give it a try and turned out I love the game. Now Rise of Kingdoms have more than several million downloads and is one of the most popular strategy games for mobile gamers.

Rise of Kingdoms is unlike other games. They have the best community who are helpful and will go out of their way to share tips with you. The game dynamic that introduces beginners and experienced players in the same melting pot makes it possible. So, thank you Lilith Games for creating Rise of Kingdoms.

House of Kingdoms: Before & After

If you visited the House of Kingdoms before, you might recall how this website looked like. It came with somewhat outdated design, weird layouts, unappealing colors, and a bunch of ads that made it difficult for the readers. Plus, it took a long time to load and the page-speed was very low.

Old Site Layout

House of Kingdoms Old Site

New Site Layout

Now, the website you see today is carefully crafted to deliver better user experience. and you can expect a lot of informative guides, tips, and products coming from the House of Kingdoms to Rise of Kingdoms players.

How to Support Us

We can’t thank you enough for visiting the House of Kingdoms. By supporting us, I can spend less time working at my boring 9 to 5 job and spend time doing what I enjoy, creating useful, high-quality and engaging content about Rise of Kingdoms.

All players like you deserve to get the best and top-notch Rise of Kingdoms guides. That being said, if you found House of Kingdoms to be useful, informative, and engaging, then you can support us by doing the following steps below:

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Our Mission

House of Kingdoms is the biggest mobile gaming site covering various mobile gaming apps. We create extensive game guides to help free-to-play players like you win in these games without having to spend a dime. So start exploring your favorite mobile game app and pave your path to victory!


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